23. St. Joostkapel

14:00 – 15:00 
Cultuurhuis Garenspinnerij presents: Het Vrijetijds Orkest, this always cheerful orchestra plays folk music, light classical and Christmas music. Especially for Gouda by Candlelight, the orchestra has been supplemented with singers who, in addition to the well-known Christmas songs, also perform popular songs.

Het Vrijetijdsorkest
koor Coro d'Oro

15:15 – 16:00
Coro d’Oro; a cozy choir led by Alexandra d’Espinoza, from Argentina, sing the most beautiful songs especially for Gouda by Candlelight to match the Christmas atmosphere.

Coro d’Oro was founded in 1994. The name is a play on words, on the one hand it refers to the place of origin – choir of Gouda -, on the other hand it says something about our ambition: we strive for a musical qualitative (“golden”) level. Coro d’Oro has been under the direction of conductor Alexandra d’Espinoza since 2003, and gives a major concert once a year. In addition, they perform several times a year on various occasions. They have a wide repertoire: from Bach to Schumann and from Dowland to Elgar. There are also several special Spanish-language works in their repertoire.

Marjan Luteijn (organ) en Marja Verweij (recorder) have performed as a duo for several years now and are a fixture during Gouda by Candlelight in the Chapel.

Foto van Marjan Luteijn op blokfluit en Marja Verweij op orgel.
Trio Tarantella

17:15 – 18:15
Trio Tarantella consists of 3 professional musicians who have been playing together for six months. They play a light classical repertoire, ranging from Carmen by G. Bizet to Libertango by A. Piazolla. For this occasion, the Christmas repertoire will also be performed. The warm sounds of the flute and the clarinet, supported by the piano, come out very nicely in these pieces.


Alternating Vocadoca and Daniëlle van Laar with Mark Lippe

Vocadoca is based in Gouda and will be founded at the beginning of 2019. They consist of 15 enthusiastic singers under the direction of Mathieu Smit. Vocadoca sings both a cappella and with piano accompaniment and there is polyphonic singing, varying from 4 to even 8 voices. Their repertoire currently includes songs by The Real Group, King’s Singers and arrangements by Jetse Bremer and Kirby Shaw. January 27, 2024 they will celebrate their 5th anniversary with a concert in the Lichtwijzer in Gouda.

Daniëlle van Laar (flute) and Mark Lippe (organ) are well-known musicians from Gouda, who have been active in the music world for years. They play atmospheric Christmas music and well-known classical hits.

Foto van Danielle van Laar en Mark Lippe