Gouda by Candlelight

The programme starts at 14:00 on Friday 16 December with an opening concert in the ‘Goudse Schouwburg’. At the same time the rest of the afternoon programme starts in the various locations spread throughout the Gouda city centre and on the Market square. You can find anything from plays, music in a variety of genres, dance and tableau vivants. The details per location can be found on the location pages below. Have a look at the schedule to help plan your day.

The highlight of Gouda by Candlelight takes place around the large Christmas tree on the Market square from 19:00. The whole square is lit by the light emanating from candles in the windows of the houses and shops and from the magnificent historic Gothic city hall, where over 1500 candles turn the evening into an enchanting Christmas fairy tale. Imagine everyone singing Christmas songs together, listening to music, the Christmas story and special words from the Mayor of Gouda, deputy Mayor of Kongsberg and the Child Mayor of Gouda. The grand finale is of course the lighting of the Christmas tree lights. After this ceremony the festivities and performances continue until around 22:00. If you can’t attend in person, you can watch the ceremony between 19:00 and 20:00 CET on TV West online

Sfeerfoto Markt tijdens Gouda bij Kaarslicht 's avonds met verlicht stadhuis

📸 Astrid den Haan

Overzichtsplattegrond van de Goudse binnenstad met alle 24 locaties waar optredens worden gegeven

The map shows the different locations around town where performances took place on the 16th December.

1 De Goudse Schouwburg
2 De Cheese Experience
3 Agnietenkapel
4 Achter de Waag
5 de Waag
6 Market Square
7 Chocoladefabriek
8 Willem Vroesehuys Garden
9 WSHS Courtyard
10 Courtyard Willem Vroesehuys
11 Gouda Studio’s
12 Art Gallery de Hollandsche Maagd
13 Sociëteit Concordia
14 Museum Gouda and Museum Garden
15 Firma van Drie
16 St. Janskerk – Church of St John
17 Podium Peperstraat
18 Visbanken
19 Cultuurhuis Garenspinnerij
20 LF
21 De Lichtwijzer
22 Oud-Katholieke Kerk
23 St. Joostkapel
24 Vrije Evangelische Gemeente