Look back with us on Gouda by Candlelight 2022

16 December 2022, what a magical day it was! From 14:00 right throughout the day, performances could be experienced all around the historic city center of Gouda.  Have a look at some of the photos taken on the day.

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Aftelmoment ceremonie bij de boom

📸 Jan van den Berg – Countdown of the tree lighting ceremony

Openingsconcert Gouda bij Kaarslicht.

📸 Jan van den Berg

Opening concert Pionier and Byorkester

This year the Kongsberg’s Byorkester travelled to Gouda by Candlelight. 2022 was exactly 70 years after  the orchestra participated in the international music competition that took place in Gouda. The event that became the start of the friendship between Gouda and Kongsberg.

They performed the opening and closing piece together with De Pionier and then then each alternately. Below is an overview showing  photos of Astrid den Haan and Jan van den Berg.

Tree lighting ceremony


Between 18;30 and 20:00 the Markt was the stage for the tree lighting ceremony. The Bulkout band, (house band of the Theaterbakkerheij), with the soloists Martin van der Starre and Elise Mannah provided the Christmas atmosphere with their traditionals and  pop repetoire.

Mayor Pieter Verhoeve read the Nativity story together with the children’s mayor. The final piece was the lighting of the lights in the tree by mayor Pieter Verhoeve, deputy mayor Anders Naess of Kongsberg and our children’s mayor Roselina Toekoen.

Below is an overview of photos of Astrid den Haan, Jan van den Berg, Hans Colijn and Raymond Aarsman.

Stadhuis met verlichte boom vanaf de St Jan

📸 Astrid den Haan

Podium Peperstraat was a great success!

Podium Peperstraat was a new addition to Gouda by Candlelight. Thanks to a collaboration with more than 30 residents of the Peperstraat and Westhaven, contributions from GoudApot and Sociëteit Concordia, this outdoor stage could be added to the programme.

Throughout the day, the street was the setting for music, theatre, and a touch of nostalgia. The video on the right (made by 1 of the inhabitants of the Peperstraat) and the photos give a nice picture of the atmosphere during the day and in the evening.

The photos in the overview were taken by Astrid den Haan, Jan van den Berg, Raymond Aarsman and various residents of the Peperstraat and Westhaven.

Not just a tree lighting event!

Gouda by Candlelight (‘Kaarsjesavond’) has been an all day event for years now. Not just in the evening. In 2022 festivities started around 14:00 and lasted until well into the night.

Have a look at the overview below for an impression of the varied venues and performances during this year’s Gouda by Candlelight.

The photos were taken by Astrid den Haan, Jan van den Berg an Raymond Aarsman.

De Muziektent op de markt met kinderkoor

📸 Foto Astrid den Haan

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