18. Visbanken

‘De Visbanken’, this is where in olden days you would find the Fish market. A fitting venue for the Shanty Choirs, performing songs of fishermen, sailors and and all things salty!

14.00 15.15 uur
together with  Women’s choir Eigenwijs. A combined concert with two choirs from Moordrecht. Shanty choir De MoordtZangers is known for their own style, full of enthusiasm and fun they have while singing, with lots of interaction with the audience. How that will combine with the women’s choir Eigenwijs, you can witness for yourself.


circa 20 zangers in witte poloshirts waarvan twee met acordeon 1 met gitaar en 1 met trommel
circa 25 mannen op leeftijd gekleed in spijkerbroek en rode bretels en zwarte platte pet logo van de groep

15.45 16.30 uur 
The shanty– en sing-along-choir Vlister Zangers brings colour to events with their merry performances. ‘Vlister Zangers’ is has been a fixture of the Visbanken during Gouda by Candlelight for years.

17.00 17.45 uur
Shantykoor West Zuidwest Gouda,
 originates from the southwest of Gouda. They are very happy to perform again at Gouda by Candlelight.

17 noeste mannelijke zangers in groepsfoto met voor hen 2 mannen met acordeon en 1 met gitaar
Gouwe Bigband loopt en gele stropdass tege,oet allemaal in wit overhemd en

20.15 22.00 uur 
Gouwe Bigband led by director Marijn Wigman is a roaring success. The band is a mix of enthousiastic young talented musicians and seasoned experienced musicians. What they all have in common is a lavoe for swinging, jazzy music, old and new.