17. Sint-Janskerk

Church of St John Gouda, the longest church of The Netherlands, with its famous stained glass windows ‘Goudse Glazen’!

11:00 22:00 
Visit the Winterfair! In the beautiful Sint Janskerk, exhibitors offer elegant, tasty and attractive (seasonal) products. Walk along the Nativity story in the world-famous Gouda Glass windows and relax in the quiet room for prayer and/or to light a candle. Part of the proceeds of the Winterfair go towards a few charities (
six missionary workers, one missionary foundation and the Gouda Sint-Jan Foundation). The stands will display a flyer if their proceeds fully go towards these charities. 

11:00 – 11:50 
Lunch concert by Gerben Budding on the organ of the St. Jan. 

12:00 – 12:50 
The Ulfts Men’s Choir was founded in 1957 and soon became known at home and abroad. In the Netherlands they performed with singers such as Marco Bakker, Ernst-Daniel Smit and Lee Towers. The press calls this choir one of the best men’s choirs in the Netherlands!

The choir could be heard several times on radio in the Netherlands and abroad and on TV, including on the BBC. In the Netherlands with Mies Bouman and Ivo Niehe, among others. They also received a royal decoration (medal of honor) for the cultural merits of the choir for the Netherlands abroad. In 2002 and 2012 the choir performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London. In 2016 they performed in the Basilica of Xanten, Germany, for 1000 visitors and in 2018 for the royal couple, King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima.

Mensen staan bij een kraampje in sfeervol verlichte Sint Janskerk in kerstsfeer
Foto gemaakt in een theater tijdens een optreden van het Ulfts Mannenkoor
De leden van Mikado staan buiten in een halve circel allemaal met de armen gespreid

14:30 – 15:30  
Popkoor Mikado sings pop songs, the most beautiful, strongest, nicest and most moving in pop history from the sixties to the present. The challenge is: bringing well-known songs, but then just in a different way, with of course the ultimate Christmas songs.

16.00 17.30 uur 
The Gouda orchestras Stedelijke Harmonie Caecilia and Gouda’s Harmonie de Pionier play together in the Sint Janskerk. The program includes modern and (light) classical music pieces that match the atmosphere of Christmas.

Stedelijke Harmonie Caecilia is Gouda’s oldest wind orchestra and has been making music for more than 100 years. With a dedicated team of over 40 musicians and a passionate conductor, the music association strives to present concerts and events that bring people together and celebrate the beauty of music.

Gouda’s Harmonie de Pionier gives various concerts in Gouda and the surrounding area. The orchestra has around 65 musicians. The repertoire is very varied and consists of modern and (light) classical music pieces. On average, the orchestra performs six times a year on various occasions, such as during Gouda by Candlelight, Gouda Waterstad (harbour days in June) and every few years in the Goudse Schouwburg.

Leden van Caecilia aan het spelen op hun instrumenten tijdens een optreden
Stads Harmonie de Pionier op podium groot uitgelicht
Optreden van popkoor, dirigent ervor en kleine band erachter

Pop choir Prestige Gouda  is part of Prestige Vocal Groups, the largest and most professional national pop choir organization. With a pop, rock and soul repertoire, the amateur singers from Gouda will perform again this year.

20:15 – 21:45
The St. Jan’s Christmas Band performs a number of classics.​