16. St. Janskerk

Church of St John Gouda, the longest church of The Netherlands, with its famous stained glass windows ‘Goudse Glazen’!

11.00 22.00 

Visit the Winterfair! In the beautiful Sint Janskerk, exhibitors offer elegant, tasty and attractive (seasonal) products. Walk along the Christmas story in the world-famous Gouda Glasses and relax in the quiet room for prayer and/or to light a candle. Part of the proceeds of the Winterfair go towards a few charities (missionary workers or foundation). The stands will display a flyer if their proceeds fully go towards these charities.

11.00 – 11.45 
Lunch concert by Gerben Budding on the organ of the St. Jan. 

12.30 – 14.00 uur
Let yourseklf be surpised! At this time the details of this performance is not yet known.

Mensen staan bij een kraampje in sfeervol verlichte Sint Janskerk in kerstsfeer
De leden van Mikado staan buiten in een halve circel allemaal met de armen gespreid

15.00 – 16.00 uur  
Pop choir Mikado
sings pop songs, the most beautiful, strongest, nicest and most moving in pop history from the sixties to the present. The challenge is: bringing well-known songs, but then just in a different way, with of course the ultimate Christmas songs.

16.30 17.30
Stedelijke Harmonie Caecilia, a regular fixture for Gouda by Candlelight. This year you find them in the St. Jan. They have prepared a special programme that will get you into the wintery but warm Christmas spirit. 

Leden van Caecilia aan het spelen op hun instrumenten tijdens een optreden
Optreden van popkoor, dirigent ervor en kleine band erachter

18.0018.45 uur  
Pop choir Prestige
can finally present itself to the Gouda audience again after 2 COVID years. With enthusiasm and infectious evergreens from pop history, bringing to life the theme “Together Again”.