16. De Firma | kunstcentrum Gouda

17:00 – 22:00

After four years of absence, LichtKunstGouda is back! Visit and experience the 9th edition of this Gouda light art festival with the theme ‘Verlicht’ (‘Illuminated!’).

Marvel at sparking filaments, a sacred halo, rainbow colours, a fairy-lit garden, optical circles of light, blue-lit water, and dancing rays that illuminate the space and scan rhythmically like an echo. Also discover the ‘enlightened’ thoughts associated with these works of art.

This unique light art exhibition can be seen between 17:00 and 22:00 at various indoor and outdoor locations in the city centre of Gouda, a short walk from each other and admission is free. The works have been curated by André Groeneveld especially for the theme of this edition. Many of the light art installations of the participating artists can often only be seen during the larger festivals, such as Glow Eindhoven and Amsterdam Light Festival, but now their work can be admired for two weeks in the compact setting of the historic center of Gouda. Don’t miss it!

The route starts at De Firma | kunstcentrum Gouda and continues along Achter de kerk, Vroesentuin, Jerusalem Chapel, Peperstraat, Hoge and Lage Gouwe and ends at the Kleiweg bridge. Are you coming from Gouda Station? The locations can also be visited separately and in any other order.

Participating artists and works:

  1. Pelle Schilling – Wire (The Firm, Behind the Church)
  2. Bart Ensing – Illuminated paradisiacal garden (Behind the Church)
  3. Tamar Frank – Halo (Vroesentuin) and Flow (Kleiwegbrug)
  4. Marin Kessler – Mine, Yours, Ours (Jerusalem Chapel, Jerusalem Street)
  5. Jaap van den Elzen Echo (Kantoor van Nu, Peperstraat)
  6. Nan Wang – Hue Shift (Old Catholic Church, High Celandine)
  7. Daphne Glasmacher – Optical Circle 2.0 (Space of Rolf, Lage Goudwe)

14 to 24 December (Mon-Tue closed) | Admission free Open: 17:00 – 21:00 hrs, During Gouda by Candlelight until 22:00.

Information and program: www.lichtkunstgouda.nl

Organisation: De Firma | art centre Gouda www.defirmagouda.nl

Kunstwerk 'Optical Circle' van Daphne Glassmacher