15. Firma van Drie

12.00 – 22.00 uur

Exhibition ‘Exposure Value ZER0’

In this exhibition, visitors experience the excessive way in which European cities are illuminated at night. For his project ‘Exposure Value ZER0′, artist Jasper van den Ende used experimental photography to investigate how Paris and London light up in the night. It was precisely these cities that were chosen for their historical significance. London already had gas lighting in 1807 and Paris in 1878 electric street lighting. This latest milestone has forever changed the way we experience cities at night.

Value Zero
The name of the project refers to a measurement value that photographers used in the 50s to determine the exposure for a good photo. For his work, Van den Ende used this value zero’ as a concept in which control over the lighting is handed over to the light itself. This leads to impressionistic images, in which the light seems to step almost outside the box.

Dreamy Waste
The images of empty streets that give a dreamy backdrop to the night light can be experienced as aesthetic, but at the same time are a representation of waste. Because what was once an abundance for the world’s richest cities is now in danger of becoming a scarcity. Europe is in the midst of an energy crisis, which is spurring us to rethink how we use nighttime lighting.

Jasper van den Ende graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. His project ‘Exposure Value ZER0’ was previously shown in Galerie Ron Mandos in Amsterdam, where the group exhibition Best of Graduates gives an annual stage to young talent. This time his renewed installation can be seen in his first solo exhibition from 7 to 31 December at Kunstcentrum Firma Van Drie in Gouda.

Find out more: www.firmavandrie.nl

Lichttafel van de expositie met loupe om de details te kunnen zien

Jasper van den Ende -‘Exposure Value ZERO’